Can I get coloured windows?

Creating the perfect style for your home doesn’t have to stop at interior decoration. If you’re having double glazing installed opting for coloured frames will add a personal touch to the exterior of your home too. Colours that complement or stand out shades – there’s lots of different ways to add some life to your windows:


Solid colour foils

Most double glazing companies offer windows with coloured foil options as an alternative to standard white frames. Foils range from bright statement colours to subtle pastel shades. If you’re looking for an unusual or custom colour colour bonded frames are a good choice though they’re more expensive.



Wood grain foils are designed to give your home the wooden window look without the price tag. They imitate either the natural look of different timber species or classic painted timber windows. Some companies offer textured wood effect foils to create an even more authentic timber window look. Be warned though, wood effect foils are prone to expansion and contraction through heat absorption. This can cause serious damage to your double glazing and could result in costly replacements.



Dual-coloured frames are two different colours on each side. This is good if you want a traditional wooden effect on the inside of your home but still want to retain a modern look for the outside, or vice versa. Dual-coloured windows can match existing interior colour schemes as well as complementing the brickwork of the exterior of your home, giving you the best of both worlds. They can be white on wood grain, colour on wood grain, white on colour – there are loads of different combinations so you’ll never be stuck for choice.


Colour bonding

Colour bonding is the process of applying paint to a frame which then bonds to it for a non-flake, non-peel, scratch resistant finish. This is usually done using the RAL range of colours which has thousands of colours for you to choose from.


Colour bonded windows have an advantage over foiled ones in that the whole frame is covered. Foiled windows might look great on the outside but when opened the inside frame is still white. Colour bonding colours the frame inside and out so your windows look great whether opened or closed.



Coloured frames don’t require any more maintenance than plain PVCu. Simply wipe down dirty frames and glass with mild, soapy water to keep your double glazing looking as good as new for years to come.


White frames are the most popular choice when replacing double glazing. But if you want something a bit different coloured frames will add a touch of personal style to your home with thousands of colours and finishes on offer.

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